My 5 Amazon must haves for season


Amazon has been such a lifesaver for me when it comes to finding ideas on how to make traveling easier. When the opportunity came, partnering with Amazon was a no brainer. Finally, a space where you can see and purchase the items I recommend. Here are my top 5 items I can't  live without!


See my YouTube video at the bottom of this page to hear more about our favorite Amazon purchases that we are trying this year.




Car top carrier



This is by far the item we get asked most about. I share it often because it is the one thing we actually couldn't travel without. It's unreal how much we can fit on top of the car with this guy. It's waterproof and can be folded up after each use.



Fold up dressers



The fold up dressers are new to our collection this year. I'm pretty obsessed. They fold up when they aren't in use so they don't take up any room when we travel. Last year, we were using tubs as dressers and it was a disaster. With these we can keep our fold up items much more organized as well as being able to see what we have without having to dig through our neat piles. They also have side pockets to tuck random things like belts and hats.





This has been a saving grace for me when I leave Scout at home. Being able to see her while I'm away gives me peace of mind. I also get notified if she is barking! The Furbo has night vision and a 360 degree view. I can toss her treats and we can say sweet nothings to each other through the two way talk. If you are obsessed with your fur baby like I am, this is a must.



Travel bags


We ditched the boxes and tape this year to give these bags a try. So far, so good! We are careful with how much we pack in them and using the handles but I was shocked how sturdy they actually are. Again, they fold up when they aren't in use and are readily available if we have to move quickly. I have another option that is similar but a more durable fabric (also more fashionable) on our amazon page as well. 





Nick and I lose our keys every day. Every. Single. Day. These have really helped us keep that part of our life more organized because who has time to search the house every day for lost keys. These can go on your key ring, in a wallet, or even on a dog collar! It links to an app on your phone so when you need to find your lost item it will tell you exactly where it is.