My Downtown Scottsdale Recommendations

Y'all, the hype is real! We finally ventured into downtown Scottsdale and were not disappointed. If you are looking for good vibes and good food, this is the place for you. We were so impressed with how much there is to do in that area and how much fun everyone was having. One of my favorite things about downtown Scottsdale is how many options I saw to be outside and enjoy the weather. A lot of the restaurants have patio seating. We even saw a barber shop that could open up all their walls like windows. On a sunny day, downtown Scottsdale is the place to be. After wandering around for hours, I am happy to report back with my favorite things.

Keep in mind, this list will not include everything there is to do because it was impossible to try it all. Beyond this list there are amazing art museums all around the area, tours, and more food than you will ever be able to consume in a week.

Helpful tip: Parking was a breeze even on a busy day during spring training hours. Downtown Scottsdale offers plenty of free parking spots. 


ruze smile.JPG

We found the cutest coffee shop in the Art District. Ruze is an adorable mother/ daughter business and is not only stunning, their menu is so unique. Where else can you get cotton candy on your coffee?

They are known for their cakes and baked goods but don't sleep on their drink selection. Nick went with a cookie butter chia and I got the cold brew. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that each drink comes with boba in the bottom and cotton candy on the top. We also tried their macaroons and can safely say they were melt in your mouth approved.

The shop could be easily overlooked if you aren't searching for it because it isn't on the Main Street. Throughout downtown there are many business tucked away in little alleys. Keep your eyes peeled so you don't miss any "hidden" gems like Ruze.

ruze outside.JPG
RUZE mac treats.JPG



Ok, this is seriously cool. These dock-less bikes are placed all around downtown for you to use. There are three different dock-less bike companies in this area but the best deal in our option was LimeBike. All you have to do is download the bike-sharing app, create an account and scan the bike.

Your first ride is absolutely free! After that, you will be charged a whopping $1 every 30 minutes. The total cost will be charged to you account after you have finished riding. When you are done riding the bike, you just have to leave it in a spot that is approved (the app will have a map of this) and lock it.

These "return" stations are everywhere downtown which makes using the bikes super convenient. We couldn't go a block without seeing another group of dock-less bikes. We thought it was really fun seeing how many people were utilizing the bikes so of course we had to jump in and try it out ourselves. 


If you are in the area during Spring Training, catching a game has to be on your list of things to do. Downtown Scottsdale is basically the place to tailgate before the game and the Giants fans show up in numbers. The stadium is only blocks away which means there was a sea of baseball fans everywhere we looked. This might be another reason I liked this area so much! 



baseballism backpack.JPG
baseballism wall.jpg

If you are in this area you need check out Baseballism. This is a fun shop filled with items made for the baseball fan. 


Fashion Square is just over the canal from Old Town Scottsdale. If you are wanting to do some serious shopping, head to this area where you will be able to shop until you drop. 


farm and craft.jpg

Farm & Craft is focused on healthy and sustainable food in a community-style atmosphere. Think modern farm with a contemporary twist. If you are looking for someplace to get some cute pictures while you eat, this is the spot you should visit. The restaurant is so stinkin' cute and has a "famous" wall you have probably already seen on Instagram. 

Give me an above average margarita with tableside guacamole and you'll get a happy girl. If you like margaritas this is the place to get them. For our wedding Nick and I served an Elder Flower Margarita for my "her cocktail" option. I took a trip down memory lane when I saw it on their menu! Rumor has it, their avocado and strawberry banana margaritas are to die for as well. 

This place is well known in the area for being a popular choice to eat. Their menu is reasonably priced with some pricier options. The vibe is "upscale casual", nice enough for a date night, but casual enough to walk in off the street. 

If you are in the area on Sunday The Mission offers an all-you-can-eat brunch called PIGOUT from 11am- 3pm. 


This chain restaurant is one of our favorites. Talk about a lively atmosphere! Known for their game area, live music, unique drinks and a menu you won't be able to forget.

Nick recommends trying their fried chicken and I recommend their customizable cheese plate. This is a great place to meet up with friends or a fun date night option. 



If a sweet treat is calling your name go to the Sugar Bowl. This ice cream parlor has been a favorite in the area since 1958. Get yourself an old fashioned banana split or road beer float and hang out for a minute in one of their bubble gum pink booths. I love that this sweet place stays open until midnight on Friday's and Saturday's! Even after a late game you can still stop in to fix your cravings. 



You will have plenty of options to choose from if you want to bring your fur-baby to downtown Scottsdale. There are areas with green grass to use as well as many restaurants with outdoor seating. This picture shows just how many dog friendly restaurants there are in this area. If you don't have the BringFido app, you should download it now. This is the app we use to find the dog friendly spots while we travel including dog parks.

We didn't see any pet relief stations so I recommend coming prepared with poop bags and a water bowl. It does get warm around this time of year so make sure your baby stays hydrated. 

pup map.jpg



If you are in this area and try any of my recommendations, I would love to hear from you! Tag me on social media @thebaseballgyspy and #gypsytribe so I can follow your adventures too!


Love always, 


What we pack for season (PDF)

I here it all the time, "I don't know what to pack." Year one was a little stressful at times for the sole fact I had no idea what I was doing. Throughout the year I paid close attention to what we used, what we didn't and what I needed to buy because we didn't already have it. This off-season I decided the easiest way to help others with the stress of what to pack is providing a blueprint of everything we take for season. Although this list will need to be adjusted for each couple or family, I hope this can be a good guideline. 




My 5 Amazon must haves for season


Amazon has been such a lifesaver for me when it comes to finding ideas on how to make traveling easier. When the opportunity came, partnering with Amazon was a no brainer. Finally, a space where you can see and purchase the items I recommend. Here are my top 5 items I can't  live without!


See my YouTube video at the bottom of this page to hear more about our favorite Amazon purchases that we are trying this year.




Car top carrier



This is by far the item we get asked most about. I share it often because it is the one thing we actually couldn't travel without. It's unreal how much we can fit on top of the car with this guy. It's waterproof and can be folded up after each use.



Fold up dressers



The fold up dressers are new to our collection this year. I'm pretty obsessed. They fold up when they aren't in use so they don't take up any room when we travel. Last year, we were using tubs as dressers and it was a disaster. With these we can keep our fold up items much more organized as well as being able to see what we have without having to dig through our neat piles. They also have side pockets to tuck random things like belts and hats.





This has been a saving grace for me when I leave Scout at home. Being able to see her while I'm away gives me peace of mind. I also get notified if she is barking! The Furbo has night vision and a 360 degree view. I can toss her treats and we can say sweet nothings to each other through the two way talk. If you are obsessed with your fur baby like I am, this is a must.



Travel bags


We ditched the boxes and tape this year to give these bags a try. So far, so good! We are careful with how much we pack in them and using the handles but I was shocked how sturdy they actually are. Again, they fold up when they aren't in use and are readily available if we have to move quickly. I have another option that is similar but a more durable fabric (also more fashionable) on our amazon page as well. 





Nick and I lose our keys every day. Every. Single. Day. These have really helped us keep that part of our life more organized because who has time to search the house every day for lost keys. These can go on your key ring, in a wallet, or even on a dog collar! It links to an app on your phone so when you need to find your lost item it will tell you exactly where it is.