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While Nick chases his dreams playing baseball, I continue to chase many of mine. I recently joined a fast growing Jewelry company called Happy Jewelers as their first travel jeweler. What a dream it is to be able to play a part in helping friends and strangers create the engagement ring they will propose with. I have also loved getting to work with professional athletes and their families as their personal jeweler. It isn’t easy finding business that will continue to work with you through distance. A huge part of what I do every day is work with my out of state customers! With free and fully insured over night shipping, we make it extremely easy for our out of state customers to work with us. Keep reading to hear more reasons why I love this company so much.


Jewelry Needs?

I’d love to help!

I started as a customer! Happy Jewelers is where Nick got my stunning engagement and wedding ring. We fell in love with the customer service, the way Gabe and Danny run their family owned business, the amazing custom made pieces and the wholesale prices. That’s right, wholesale. This means you aren’t going to be charged those inflated prices you’ll find at the retail jewelry stores.


Your piece will never lose value with us. If you want to upgrade in the future, no problem! We will honor the price you paid and use it toward your upgrade. You will only have to pay the difference.


Lifetime cleaning, polishing and maintenance. If any side stones ever come out, we fix it free of charge. We also cover all shipping costs… hello out of state customers!


We offer financing and layaway for local and out of state customers.


Happy Jewelers has been a family owned business for over 35 years. We are located in Orange County and have been voted best jeweler in OC and LA for many years in a row. We custom make almost all of our pieces from the ground up insuring you are getting the highest quality. Your piece can be as unique or simple as you want. If you have a vision in your head or a picture from Pinterest, we can bring it to life and make you your dream piece.

Whether you are near or far, I would be honored to help you with your jewelry needs. Please contact me with any questions you may have!

Your personal jeweler,

Korrin Torres