Happiness in Progress Podcast with Danielle Craig

I had the absolute pleasure of teaming up with a former colleague, Danielle Craig, on her new podcast Happiness in Progress. Danielle is a former journalist, Emmy award winner, mother and wife who has set out to share stories of inspiration to bring more joy to our every day lives. I was honored to be featured on her podcast. 


"I've spent way too much of my life chasing things to create my happiness, instead of creating it right now." 

In this podcast, I tell Danielle more about why I have chosen to call this baseball life an adventure, if I feel any bitterness toward my husband with the hours I work to help support us, and all about the brand I've built; The Baseball Gypsy.

Via Happiness in Progress-

Korrin Torres is known as “The Baseball Gypsy.” She started out working in TV news, eventually making it to Fox Sports. After only a few years, she left it all behind to support her husband, Nick Torres. Together, they’ve lived the Minor League and now Independent Baseball life. Since then she created the Youtube channel, The Baseball Gypsy. In this episode of Happiness in Progress, we talk about what it’s like to chase the dream of Major League Baseball – and it’s not as glamorous as yo may think. We also talk about how Korrin chose to leave her TV job to support her husband, how she deals with negative comments on her social media accounts and how you can find happiness EVEN when your life doesn’t look how you want it to.

I would love for you to give my story a listen and support my friend on her new venture. I firmly believe in supporting women who dedicate their lives to helping others by encouraging and sharing hope. Let's make sure Danielle knows Happiness in Progress is content that is NEEDED!