Happiness in Progress Podcast with Danielle Craig

I had the absolute pleasure of teaming up with a former colleague, Danielle Craig, on her new podcast Happiness in Progress. Danielle is a former journalist, Emmy award winner, mother and wife who has set out to share stories of inspiration to bring more joy to our every day lives. I was honored to be featured on her podcast. 


"I've spent way too much of my life chasing things to create my happiness, instead of creating it right now." 

In this podcast, I tell Danielle more about why I have chosen to call this baseball life an adventure, if I feel any bitterness toward my husband with the hours I work to help support us, and all about the brand I've built; The Baseball Gypsy.

Via Happiness in Progress-

Korrin Torres is known as “The Baseball Gypsy.” She started out working in TV news, eventually making it to Fox Sports. After only a few years, she left it all behind to support her husband, Nick Torres. Together, they’ve lived the Minor League and now Independent Baseball life. Since then she created the Youtube channel, The Baseball Gypsy. In this episode of Happiness in Progress, we talk about what it’s like to chase the dream of Major League Baseball – and it’s not as glamorous as yo may think. We also talk about how Korrin chose to leave her TV job to support her husband, how she deals with negative comments on her social media accounts and how you can find happiness EVEN when your life doesn’t look how you want it to.

I would love for you to give my story a listen and support my friend on her new venture. I firmly believe in supporting women who dedicate their lives to helping others by encouraging and sharing hope. Let's make sure Danielle knows Happiness in Progress is content that is NEEDED!



Dear Younger Me


Dear younger Me,

I remember the day you helped him pack his bags and walked him into the airport. He was leaving to go chase his dreams. Your boyfriend, the 4th round draft pick to the San Diego Padres. At this point, you had loved him for over 2 years.  You had said many goodbyes but there had always been one more hello.  This goodbye was confusing.  You knew you were watching the prayers he had prayed being answered.  A professional baseball player is what he had worked so hard to become, but this included many unknowns.  You couldn’t help but wonder if his new journey would continue to include you.  If it would change him.  If it would change you.  You tried to understand the smile on his face and the excitement in his eyes while you fought back tears. You had an aching heart filled with questions.  He deserved this, he earned this, and you were so very proud of him.  You pushed away the fear as you wished him luck and kissed him goodbye.

But inside you were whispering, please don’t go.  

There’s so much I wish I could say to that girl.  I wish I could wrap her in my arms and hold her in that very moment.  I wish I could tell her she was right, this was going to be hard.  One of the hardest things she’d ever do.  I wish I could show her how many times she was going to feel her heart break.  How many nights she’d cry herself to sleep.  How many times she’d say, “I’m ok” so no one worried.  How many hard days she would sweep under the rug because he was finally able to call and needed support from her.   How many things they would miss.  Birthdays, anniversaries, deaths and victories.  She will have to learn how to be okay alone, even when she isn’t okay alone.  How many times she would have to forgive him and how many times she would have to apologize as they find their way.  That game she has always loved, she’ll also learn to hate.  She will learn to hate the way he won’t always get what he deserves.  She will hate the way it breaks him down and makes him feel like he isn’t good enough.  She will hate the way it keeps them apart.  She will hate how unpredictable it is and how she can never really have a plan.  She will have to learn how to ignore the fans that degrade the boy she loves.  How to brush off the girls two rows over who are thumbing through the roster like it’s a catalog (and always landing on Nick).  How self-conscious she will become feeling like she has to look a certain way and act a certain way to be the perfect baseball wife.  How dark some of the days will be when she isn’t sure if it’s worth it or if they are really meant to be together.  I wish I could tell her this goodbye wasn’t going to be the hardest.  That she will lose him for a moment in time while he finds his way.  That ultimately, this team that gave Nick a chance would later tell him they didn’t want him anymore.

But if I warned her, she would never become ME.  

If I warned that girl how hard it would be she would never get to see how wide she can spread her wings.  That girl who was crying in the airport had no idea how brave she would become. How much she would learn to appreciate time.  Time with him, time with family, time alone, time with God and time with friends.  She had no idea how many new towns she would see and how many new friends she would meet.  She will find comfort in the people who pick her up when he isn’t around.  That tissue from the stranger on the plane who can see tears on her cheeks because she just said goodbye again and doesn’t quite know when she will see him next. That friend that will show up with two bottles of wine for a dance party in her living room on a Tuesday night so she isn’t alone.  That card she will get in the mail from her Grandma reminding her everything is going to be ok because God is in control.  She would have never learned how to take the mask off and be proud of every single flaw.  She would have never met the baseball women who have become her sisters and some of the strongest dang women she will ever know.  She had no idea that boy would get down on one knee and make her his wife.

She would watch the boy she loved become a man that provides and protects.  She would quit her job that she worked towards her whole life and follow a dream to share this story.  She will connect with so many fans, women living similar lives, families, and players. She will dedicate herself to encouraging others who wander and dream like they do.  She will see how strong she will become after learning how to forgive.  She will find endless love in a four-legged creature who will become her constant companion and best friend.  She will fall in love with the chaos, the moving without fair warning and each fly-over state that she will call home.  She will brave the storms and cross the valleys.  She will learn how to pick up her husband’s broken heart and encourage him as he continues to fight for his dream.  She will tell their story, all of it.  The highs, the lows, the hurt, the joy, the victories and the defeats. She will become someone she is proud of.  He will become someone she is proud of.

If someone is reading this and you are new to this baseball world, I want you to know you are about to live. Life is about searching, learning, making mistakes, learning again, loving, losing, finding and sharing.  There is no right way.  There is no perfect story.  At times you will feel the magic and at times you will lose it.  The beauty in living is that you will find it again.  By doing so, you will grow.  You will learn to cherish and appreciate so many things.  Be present. Be in the magic.  Don’t wish away the days hoping for better ones.  These are the days you will miss because these are the days that are shaping you.  Don’t let the fear of the unknowns paralyze you.  He will learn and grow too.  Be patient with each other, this life is challenging.  Speak up.  You are allowed to say you are struggling if you are struggling.  He will have to learn how to support you through this just like you will learn how to support him.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  We all need help.  Being on the road playing baseball isn’t a vacation.  It’s lonely for him too.  He will miss you like you miss him. Lean on each other.  Together you will become your own team.  Spread your wings.  You can do it, even when you feel like you can’t.  You can chase your dreams and love him, whether you are together or apart.  Don’t stop living your passions, ever.  Life is an adventure.  Baseball is an adventure.  Four years has come and gone in the blink of an eye.  We look around and so many people we started this journey with have moved on.  

Baseball isn’t forever.  Take the trip to be with him.  Say hello to the stranger next to you.  Find your voice.  You won’t get along with everyone and that’s okay.  Some people won’t like you and that’s okay.  Don’t doubt yourself.  Comparing will destroy your God given beauty.  Being “her” won’t bring you more happiness. Being “them” won’t either.  Be you.  Be where your feet are.  Love hard.  Find the positives. You will be okay.

Trust me.  You will be okay.




The Problem With The Setback


We’re living day 29 of not being in baseball. We went into this season thinking we had a pretty good idea of what was to come. Our previous year had been challenging, but we felt like our hearts were being prepared for something good that was coming our way. Isn’t that how it works? If we stay faithful and work hard through the challenging times, we’ll be rewarded? Over the past few weeks we’ve learned that our hearts were actually being prepared to survive yet another challenge. A challenge that might have rocked our entire world if it wasn’t for the challenges we faced last year. Instead, this challenge has been met with open hands and a whole lot of confidence that God is about to blow our minds, yet again, with what lies ahead.

The past few weeks, we’ve watched everyone around us pack and leave for their next adventure. I won’t lie, it’s been hard knowing we aren’t doing the same. I’ve had to quiet my thoughts when I catch myself looking around trying to figure out why we are where we are. Over the years, Nick and I have spent a lot of time talking about not taking things for granted. I’d like to believe we’ve done a pretty good job of being still--in the moment--and not looking too far ahead. But as much as I’ve heard myself say, “baseball isn’t forever” there is nothing to prepare you for the feeling of actually not being in baseball. This is usually the start of the madness for us. Instead, the days have been slow and seem to drag on as we watch other guys continue to chase their baseball dreams on the MLB Network from our living room.

Now, we know this isn’t permanent. We know Nick will be playing baseball again very soon (hint, hint). At times, I still catch myself being envious of the all the people who are going, doing and playing right now. The feelings of frustration, confusion and worry still seem to creep into our mind’s even when our hearts fully believe this is a good, good thing. It feels like a race to the finish line but we aren’t being allowed to run.

This feels like a setback.
We lost Nick’s income so financially this has been hard. We lost our insurance so that has been scary. It feels like we’re starting over and our timeline is on hold until we figure out what’s next. I will never forget the day we moved back to California after Nick was released. I sat on the floor, surrounded by unpacked bags, and cried while I wrote out a list of what I needed to do to make sure we would be okay. I will never forget the next day, when I passed by the baby section in Target and cried again because even thinking about that stage of our life just feels so far away. This sure feels like, just when we thought we are about to come up out of the water we’ve been treading, another weight has been added to our ankles.

The problem with the setback is we begin to question everything. We’re so quick to question God’s timing during seasons of unknowns. It’s easy to be faithful when life is good and it’s hard not to question God when life isn’t going the way we thought it would. The whys, the what-ifs, and the poor mes start to consume our thoughts. Our mind starts telling us we’ve failed, we aren’t good enough, and maybe even says we deserve the setback we’re experiencing. With that being said, how can we say God’s timing is perfect if we doubt the timing of this for even a second? As humans, I think it’s pretty natural to question everything when life gets confusing. As believers, I know this is the time that believing, trusting, and thanksgiving really matters. I have such faith in God’s goodness, but that doesn’t mean that the midst of the setback isn’t hard.

So, how do we survive the hard times?

  • Hard times have prepared me for hard times. If you’re currently braving a storm in your life and I can offer you any encouragement, it’s that there will come a day you will be thankful for the hard times. Hard times can make us stronger, humble, kinder, and more grateful than before. Hard times have made me the woman I am. Hard times have made me a wife that can take her hurting husband by the hand and lead him into the storm knowing we aren’t alone. Hard times have given me the chance to see God work in my life so I when hard times come, like now, I know this too shall pass.
  • Family. Family first always. Surround yourself with people who will lift you up, feed your soul, and comfort your hurting heart.
  • Practice thanksgiving. How many times has your Momma told you to count your blessings? Like always, Momma is right. Each day, we choose to wake up and be thankful for what we have. When you’re constantly putting your blessings before your worries, it’s hard to lose hope. We have a lot of blessings, and we have a lot of hope.
  • Remind yourself every day that you’re capable of the end goal. Our dreams are written on our mirror as statements. I made Nick a highlight that he watches every day so he can remember what a stud he is. We are constantly watching movies or reading stories about people who motivate us. Doing this keeps us hungry. Say it, be it, do it.  
  • Stay ready. You will only truly believe the next opportunity is coming if you prepare for it every day. For Nick, the past 29 days have been like the offseason all over again. Workouts, diet, hitting, throwing, and practicing mental toughness. Every day he chooses to get better so that when the time comes to join a new team, he’s ready.

The problem with the setback is that it’s not a setback back at all. God doesn’t make mistakes. This is a transition to a chapter where we move forward. Tomorrow could be the day we feel the ankle weights come off and we start to float. Maybe it’s in a month, maybe it’s in a year. We refuse to let the stress of the unknowns paralyze us. Worship and worry can’t live in the same heart. Right now, we get to slow down and focus on what really matters. We have been able to step back and ask ourselves if our focus is on the things we can’t control or even what other people think about us. Faith in the right direction is being able to recognize how God is calming the storms and preparing a safe harbor. Sometimes we focus too much on what the winning lottery number could provide us instead of being thankful for where our feet are in this every moment.

I’m willing to keep fighting for the day we can be proud of the storms we weathered. How sweet it will be to watch Nick take the field when he makes his big-league debut. The day we can help the people who have helped us during these hard times. The moment I finally get to hold our baby in my arms. The setbacks will make each of these moments so incredibly special. Knowing we believed God would provide during our times of worry. Knowing we worked harder every time we were told no. Knowing people are watching what will happen next in our story and we get the opportunity to show them that God is leading us to the very place we need to be.

They say that every setback is an opportunity for a comeback, but what if every setback is just a pivot in the very direction you need to go and every comeback is just the moment the pivot reveals its purpose.


All my love,


Luke 12:22-34