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The Baseball Gypsy

Hi friends! My name is Korrin Torres, also known as The Baseball Gypsy. I'm from a small town in Oregon where my journey of being a wanderer first began. I've always had a heart that craved travel, which has led me to the adventure I'm on today. I have fallen in love with going new places and meeting new people. I am fortunate enough to do both of these things often due to our life in baseball. 


My husband, Nicholas Torres, plays for the Round Rock Express (Texas Rangers AAA affiliate). Together, with our dog Scout Torres, we go wherever baseball takes us. This is a place we get to share the reality of what life in minor league baseball looks like for us.


Through The Baseball Gypsy, my hope is to encourage others to go after what their heart wants. Even if they don't have it all figured out. I want people to forget about what you think you have to be in life to be enough. Forget about your age and how much money you may or may not have. Forget about whether or not people understand you or accept you. 

I hope I can share enough of myself that people can relate to me because they see I'm imperfect, and my life is imperfect. I hope we can share enough of our life for people to understand we are just a normal couple, grinding through seasons of unknowns. May we be a daily reminder that life doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. We make the best of a lifestyle we are extremely grateful for! We are excited to see where this journey will take us next and we hope you will join us on our adventure.


I hope you will join us on our dream chasing journey! May it encourage you to do some dream chasing too.